The Grey Prince

* Names Dorian
* 22
* Tumblrican.
* Nacido y 100% Puerto Rican
* Soy de Trujillo Alto.
* Currently living in North Carolina, USA.
* I'm Straight.
* Extraño a mi Isla Del Encanto. ='(
* Endless imagination.
** Jack y Sally <3
* I love to draw.
* Kingdom Hearts
* Maleficent
* Assassin's Creed
*Movies, Shows, and Video Games.
* Follow me on Instagram (boricua_istari)
** Madness,
** Domination
** Corruption
** Hunt
** Death!**


Lord of the Rings RereadThree Is Company

Round the corner came a black horse, no hobbit-pony but a full-sized horse; and on it sat a large man, who seemed to crouch in the saddle, wrapped in a great black cloak and hood, so that only his boots in the high stirrups showed below; his face was shadowed and invisible.

When it reached the tree and was level with Frodo the horse stopped. The riding figure sat quite still with its head bowed, as if listening. From inside the hood came a noise as of someone sniffing to catch an elusive scent; the head turned from side to side of the road.

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*tries to talk*

*gets ignored*

“you should talk more!”

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Paulo Coelho, Veronika Decide Morir. (via spanish-quotes)


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Tienes dos opciones, controlar tu mente o dejar que tu mente te controle.

Cuando una mujer dice que no es que no, salvo que sea sí pero diga que no por no decir sí para que sea sí aunque no lo diga y diga no. Fácil.


Somos tan simples asdasd

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Cuando una persona te dice ”No pasa nada”, abrázala, es cuando más te necesita.

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Amo demasiado esa es mi maldición y cuando ella quiere a otro pues todo se va al carajo. Siempre es lo mismo.

Fuck you!

"El odio nace del querer demasiado a alguien."

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